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Micro Mining - revolution in the world of cryptomining. We give you the opportunity to earn Bitcoins without spending your time.

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After installation, the program will generate you an approximate daily earnings. For more information you can get at your office on


The modern world is heading from simpler things to more complicated ones. It regards crypto-currencies in general, and their mining in particular. When no one heard about Bitcoin, only the people who stood at the origins of it were engaged in its mining. The complicity of creating new blocks was very low, and for a long period of time the ordinary PC was enough to mine the first crypto-currency. Then, more people found out about Bitcoin, many of them started to mine it, the complicity started to increase, and the equipment became more and more specialized and expensive. Up to the present situation, when Bitcoin blocks are mined only by mining pools.

Almost the same was the situation with the second biggest investigation of the crypto-currency world – Ethereum. Despite the fact that the example of Bitcoin was for all to see, not many people believed that the new technology would be able to repeat the success of Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation and become something bigger than one more faceless clone of Bitcoin. So those first enthusiasts who yet believed in the grandiose perspectives of using smart-contracts and decided to mine Ether, easily got the necessary equipment for this aim.

It is not strange that from time to time the attention of the experienced miners who own serious computing powers is attracted to some new and perspective tokens that have sufficient chances to repeat Bitcoin and Ether success. For ordinary users the way to such mining is closed. Big rush even before the appearance of the genesis-block draws an enormous for the early mining stage computing power. As for cloud mining, it requires sufficient investments, and no one will give a 100% guarantee of profit.

That is why our team has worked out an alternative and really worth your attention way out – micromining. All you need is to upload our application on the website A few simple steps – and the app will start using the resources of your computer in the background, in no way limiting its workability, and you will receive a guaranteed reward for that. The only thing that would be required – your working station should be turned on during the certain period of time. You won’t feel any inconveniences while working at your computer, since our app will use as many computing resources as your programs will remain for it.

No discomfort – and guaranteed reward that will be paid out in Bitcoins. Become a part of something bigger, get engaged in micromining, which will combine the power of thousands of ordinary users for the decent competition with the mining monopolists.